Tools of Transformation and Ascension

“Tools of Transformation and Ascension act as golden building blocks and stepping stones to one’s higher self. Giving us the ability to remember who we truly are. Bringing massive change for humanity, our planet and our universes.”

~ Lea Rowley

Channeling the Divine ~ Guidance from Above

Channeling the Divine, Lea brings God’s words of love, direction and clarity to life for individuals, the masses, businesses, and governments for the ascension of humanity, Mother Gaia, and multiple universes.

Ascension and Spiritual Guidance ~ Guidance to Your Highest Self

Guiding souls worldwide, Lea has access to view your Book of Life and Akashic Records. Revealing to her your highest path. With gentle guidance Lea supports your discovery of your own truth. Helping you to inner-remember your divine gifts, and heart and soul mission.

One on One Sessions ~ Your Time

Discover your true self. As Lea guides you through God’s channeled message’s she provides personal education for healing and ascension. Learn specific Tools for Transformation and Ascension to discover and live your highest mission in life.

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Healer ~ Healing as One in Body, Mind and Spirit

As an Advanced Healer, Lea feels your energetic mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages. Like a finely skilled alchemist, she uses eastern and western science and art in the form of energy to help transform people’s lives. 

Yoga Philosophy ~ Discover Your Highest Self

Capable of progressing far beyond our present existence, Yoga, which is more than physical movement, evolves and harmonizes the mind. Lea assist’s you in discovering and evolving your emotions, inner-wisdom and relationship with yourself and others. 

Yoga Psychology ~ Union and Evolution

As we come into union with ourselves, we evolve through perceived blockages into discovery, expansion, and ascension. Freeing us of shame, blame, guilt, judgement, perfectionism, lethargy and fear.

Ayurveda Medicine ~ Yoga’s 5000 - Year Old Sister Science

Life has purpose. Living our heart and soul mission requires discovery, balance and aligning our energetic blueprint. Knowing who we are, we attain self-healing, release and ascension. 

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Energy ~ The Universal Flow of Life

Energy is light, strength, vitality and force. The gateway to our spirituality, our universal language of love, connection and direction. 

“When our energy is balanced, we receive divine messages through our heart and soul, which allows for discovery, self-healing and ascension.” Lea Rowley

Positive Psychology and Transformational Life Coaching ~ Flourishing

Viewing our lives positively, we create new neural pathways in the brain. Our positive thoughts propel us forward as we retrain our brain.

Educational Trainings ~ Discovery and Ascension

Lea presents online live and recorded classes. Topics for downloaded are added regularly.
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Ayurveda Medicine for Life ~ Daily Tools for Expansion

Daily life pushes us out of balance. Ayurveda Medicine developed tools of Expansion 5000 years ago to align our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

Supporting your ascension, all compounds are crafted from some of the finest organic herbs, oils, grade A therapeutic essential oils and butter available. Crafted by Lea and a small team of lightworkers, all tools are infused with love and light.

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