Terms of Service

General Conditions

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason. We reserve the right to make any modifications to the website, including terminating, changing, suspending or discontinuing any aspect of the website at any time, without notice. We may impose additional rules or limits on the use of our website. You agree to review the Terms regularly and your continued access or use of our website will mean that you agree to any changes. You agree that we will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of our website or for any service, content, feature or product offered through our website. All purchases through our website are subject to product availability. We may, in our sole discretion, limit or cancel the quantities offered on our website or limit the sales of our products or services to any person, household, geographic region or jurisdiction. Prices for our products are subject to change, without notice. Unless otherwise indicated, prices displayed on our website are quoted in United States dollars (USD). We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse orders, including without limitation, orders that appear to be placed by distributors or resellers. If we believe that you have made a false or fraudulent order, we will be entitled to cancel the order and inform the relevant authorities.

Seasonal Subscription Gift Boxes 

Ascension Body Mind Spirit offers a variety of ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION GIFT BOXES providing access to our handcrafted products. To become a ‘Subscriber’ you must enroll by purchasing a SEASONAL SUBSCRIPTION GIFT BOX. Every three months, you will receive our handcrafted Seasonal Subscription Gift Box containing our handcrafted products.

Annual Memberships

Ascension Body Mind Spirit offers ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS that provide discounts for our services, products and potential training session. To become a ‘MEMBER” you must enroll by purchasing a Membership.

Annual Automatic Refill Programs 

Ascension Body Mind Spirit offers ANNUAL AUTOMATIC REFILL PROGRAMS that provide automatic refills for our handcrafted products. To become a ‘AUTOMATIC REFILL MEMBER’ you must enroll by purchasing a product and indicating the term in which you chose the product to be refilled. Depending upon which program you sign up for you will automatically receive our handcrafted product based on that term..

Continuous Annual Seasonal Subscription Gift Boxes, Memberships and Automatic Refill Programs

When you register for an annual seasonal subscription gift box, membership and or automatic refill program(s) (and each time you change your plan), you expressly acknowledge and agree that ascension body mind spirit (or our third-party payment processor) is authorized to charge you every month for your seasonal subscription gift box, membership and or automatic refill program(s) (in addition to any applicable taxes and other charges) for an indefinite period of time until canceled by you or us. The amount you are charged may vary depending on the annual seasonal gift box you select, the membership and or the automatic refill program(s). You acknowledge and agree that ascension body mind spirit will not obtain any additional authorization from you for such automatic, recurring payments. The fees for the subscriptions can be found on our homepage and may be subject to change in the future.

Your annual seasonal subscription gift box, membership and or automatic refill program cycle begins on the day of the month in which you first became a member, meaning if your first seasonal subscription gift box, membership or automatic refill program payment was september 15th, each subsequent billing charge will occur on the 15th day of the month. Upon successful billing charge, an order for your next box will be placed for you. Ascension body mind spirit reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time.

Please note that all transactions are processed through a third-party vendor contracted with us. We do not store any of your credit card information on our servers, local hard drives.

Unless you cancel your annual seasonal subscription gift box, annual membership and or automatic refill program you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation. Once you subscribe Ascension Body Mind Spirit will automatically process your Annual Seasonal Subscription Gift Box, Annual Membership and or Automatic Refill Program, at the then-current Annual Subscription rate.


Annual Seasonal Subscription Gift Box, Membership, and Automatic Refill Program Cancellation Policy

You may cancel at any time; however, cancellations must be received (30) days before the commencement of the next annual cycle to avoid automatic renewal.

For example, if you purchase a seasonal gift box, MEMBERSHIP AND OR AUTOMATIC REFILL PROGRAM BEGINNING ON may 2018 and ending IN APRIL 2019, ASCENSION BODY MIND SPIRIT will bill you for the entire 12 months.

To cancel your annual seasonal gift box, membership, and or automatic refill program for the following season you must provide ascension body mind spirit with 30 days notice.

For example if your seasonal gift box, MEMBERSHIP AND OR AUTOMATIC REFILL PROGRAM begins may 2018 and ends april 2019 you must notify ascension body mind and spirit no later than february 28, 2019 you wish to cancel FOR the next YEAR.

If you cancel your seasonal subscription gift box, membership and or automatic refill program after the commencement of the next subscription cycle you will automatically be renewed for that year. You may re-subscribe at any time provided that ascension body mind spirit reserves the right to not permit re-subscription where ascension body mind spirit has previously elected to terminate a subscription by you.

To Cancel Your Subscription, Membership or Automatic Refill Account:
How to Cancel

You can contact customer support at (720) 233-2397, available between Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm mountain time. Please note that an email or voicemail stating a request to cancel is not a cancellation. Cancellations must be done through your online account or confirmed by a customer support representative.

There is no cancellation fee. Please note that your annual seasonal subscription gift box, membership or automatic refill account may only be canceled by the registered user or holder of the valid credit card on file. Ascension body mind spirit also reserves the right to remove any current discount codes, offers, deals, or bundles that may be associated with the account upon cancellation.


Delivery Locations

Ascension Body Mind Spirit presently only ships within the United States. This is subject to change as we expand our business into new markets.

Delivery Time

An estimated delivery time on your order will be provided to you once your order is placed. Delivery times commence from the date of shipping, rather than the date of order. Delivery times are to be used as a guide only and are subject to the acceptance and approval of your order. We will use reasonable commercial efforts to fulfill all orders on the same day every month. Please note we ship only on business days and do not ship on weekends or holidays. Date of delivery may vary due to carrier shipping practices, delivery location, method of delivery, and the items ordered.

Shipping Costs

To find out how much your order will cost, simply add the item you would like to purchase to your cart, and proceed to the checkout page. Once at the checkout screen, shipping charges will be displayed. Shipping costs for orders shipped in the United States are a flat cost. Additional shipping charges may apply to remote areas. You will be advised of any such charges on the checkout page.


Orders being shipped in the United States: Your total price will include the price of the product plus any applicable sales tax; such state and local sales tax is based on the shipping address and the sales tax rate in effect at the time you purchase the product. We will charge tax only in states where the goods sold over the internet are taxable.

Return Policy/Refunds/Exchanges

Ascension Body Mind Spirit seeks to provide a superior subscription experience for its customers. While we want you to be happy with all of your items received, we can only provide refunds for items that are defective. If you receive a defective item, please contact us no later than thirty (30) days from your receipt of the defective item at ASCENSIONBODYMINDSPIRIT@LEAROWLEY.COM with details and photos of the defect as well as any other relevant information and we will make best efforts to determine a workable solution.

If it is necessary for the product to be returned, upon receipt of the returned product we will fully examine the product and notify the customer via email, within a reasonable period of time, whether the customer is entitled to a refund or a replacement as a result of the defect. If the customer is entitled to a replacement or refund, we will either replace the product or refund the purchase price using the original method of payment. Whether we replace or refund the item will be at our sole discretion.

Responsibility for any loss or damage to items during return shipment as well as ensuring that we receive the returned product is solely that of the customer.

All information and advice given either on this website, or within private sessions with me are intended for guidance only. You are reminded at all times that ultimate choice and decision belongs to you, and while I am happy to offer any help I can, this is not intended as any substitute or replacement for any legal, medical, financial or other such advice, that you may need to take.