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Benefits of Abhyanga ~ Oiling the body daily

Abhyanga ~ Oiling the body in Sanskrit, means love and oil. Daily oiling, opens and nourishes your chakras bringing beautiful flowing energy and balance for your body, mind and spirit. Our oils gently stimulate internal organs, increasing circulation, and strengthening the body by pulling toxins from the skin while softening and toning the skin. Increase longevity and decrease the effects of aging while improving mental concentration and reducing the stressful effects of daily living.

Ayurveda Medicine for Life ~ Daily Tools for Expansion

Ayurveda Medicine Yoga’s 5000 – year old sister science of self–healing developed Daily Tools for Expansion 5000 years ago to align our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states yoking the body, mind, and spirit as one.


Steeped in ancient healing, our Daily Tools of Expansion are handcrafted in very small quantities lovingly created by Lea and a small team of lightworkers.

Available for individual purchase and or giving as a gift. Special pricing and benefits won’t last long. Sign up now!

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