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Your Time In Discovery

Lea presents online live and recorded classes. Topics for download are added regularly. View a sample listing of training's below or request information by filling out the form below. All classes are broken into segments and last approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour. Once you have requested information we will reach out to you.

(One) class segment $79.00

(Four) class segments. Or a series of classes totaling four class segments $199.00

(Eight) class segments. Or a series of classes totaling eight segments $329.00

(Twelve) class segments. Or a series of classes totaling twelve segments $399.00

Potential List of Classes Topics: Awakening and Ascension Topics

Awakening to your higher-self

Who Am I? What am I made of?
What is My path? What are my gifts?

Ascension to your higher-self

How do I ascend?
How do I live everyday life while awakening and ascending?
What is happening to me?
What keeps Me from Ascending?
Spiritual Tool Kit ~ What are they? Do I have one?

Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

What are they?
How to marry them internally within ourselves

Twin Flames

What is a Twin, Do I have one?
Are they here to save me?

Abundance Series

Harvesting Your Highest Self
How to Harness Energy for a Life Full of Abundance

Ayurveda Medicine

Live Your Full Human Potential in Body Mind and Spirit as one You are Made of Energy. What are your elements? What are your Elements? How to harness them.

Self-Healing Tools for ultimate health and ascension; cleanse, heal and balance

Anatomy & Physiology
Breathwork (pranayama)
Color Therapy
Elements of energy ~ Vata, Pitta and Kapha
Energy Points ~ Healing with Marma Points
Foods, Herbology, Spices
Gem Therapy
Herbology & Spices
Marma & Energy Point Healing
Massage ~ Healing with energy and Marma Points
Mudra’s (Hand gestures)
Nutrition (energetic food properties)
Sound Therapy ~ Mantra’s (Positive Thoughts, Prayers and Self Talk)
Vedic Astrology
Vedic Counseling
Yoga Philosophy
Yoga Psychology

Daily Ayurveda Medicine Ascension and Lifestyle Tools

Daily Routines for Ultimate Health and Ascension

  • Massage oils for the body / Abhyanga
  • Nasya oiling (Nasa)
  • Oil Pulling (Oral Care)

Foods and Spices for balance
Herbal Teas

The Ascension Series

Self-Discovery aligning Body, Mind and Spirit for Living Out Your Highest Assignment * 4 hour class


What are they in body, mind, and spirit?


Ayurveda Medicine Rejuvenation
Blockages – How to Release 50% of your blockages
Cleansing the Light Body


What are Chakra’s?
How do they become blocked?
Cleansing, Clearing and Ascending


How to channel God, Ascended Masters, Universal Beings of Light and those who have passed over


How to balance for ultimate health and ascension.
How to overcome Shame, Blame, Guilt, Judgement, Perfectionism, Lethargy, Fear

Energy of Our Universes

How to Harness Your Energy for a Life of Abundance
The Life Force of Our Universe

Energy layers of Aura’s, Kosha’s and Sheath’s

What are they? How to clean them? How to harness their energy.


How to Manifest Your Highest Self


With Energy, Color, Light and Sound
Also see Ayurveda Medicine


What is it? How to awaken it? How to harness kundalini’s spiritual power.

Past Lives

Discovery, Healing and Tapping into their Power

Our Universe

Realms, Universes, Spiritual Leaders and the make up our 17 galaxies

Yoga Philosophy

What is it Yoga Philosophy? How to utilize Yoga Philosophy as a tool for healing and ascension.

Yoga Psychology

What is it Yoga Psychology? How to utilize Yoga Psychology as a tool for healing and ascension.

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