Lea Rowley Channeling The Divine ~ Speaking Universal Truth Worldwide

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Lea Rowley Channeling The Divine ~ Speaking Universal Truth Worldwide

Lea is an Empath, Advanced Healer, Spiritual Guide, Educator, Speaker and Leader for worldwide change. She is on the forefront of our worldwide ascension for humankind, our planet Mother Gaia, and numerous universes.

Ascension ~ Self-Healing ~ Transformation

Lea is divinely versed in several ascension topics as well as eastern and western self-healing modalities. As a Certified Ayurveda Medicine Educator in Yoga’s 5000 year old sister science of self-healing, she personally practices and teaches tools for transformation and ascension.

Through her own personal practices of living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle, regularly practicing yoga, channeling the Divine and having an advanced meditation practice she has completely transformed her life for full expansion into her higher-self.

Guidance To Your Higher Self

“Given tools, we all have the ability to massively transform our entire existence. Fulfilling our highest heart and soul missions. Catapulting ascension for ourselves, humanity and our planet.” -Lea Rowley

Your Journey Starts Now

Whether you are just starting or have been traveling your path for years, you are welcome here. Lea and her team provide several options for you to discover, expand, and ascend into your greatest self.

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